A Life-Transformative, 2-Day Retreat & 12-Week Course

“The most effective development program we’ve ever encountered... of any kind!”
Michael Lamonica, Director of Communications / Motorola

The EMPOWERTHON 2-Day Retreat leaves participants feeling inspired, invincible, empowered, enlightened, peaceful, and limitless. The insights you gain will start you on the path toward self- actualization and creating any life you desire.

Its primary purpose is to PROVE to you that the power to create the extraordinary life and career of your dreams is already within you, just waiting to be unleashed.

The LIFE Mastery 12-Week Course then helps you MASTER the proven insights experienced during The EMPOWERTHON, helping you gain far greater power over your life, career, and future than you’ve ever imagined possible!

Wellness, tranquility, happiness, success, fulfilment, even ‘love’ can be fleeting. They ebb and flow throughout each day as we react to the world around us (a world that none of us can fully control or master, regardless of how wealthy, famous, or powerful we become).

But what if we’ve been trying to ‘master’ the wrong thing? What if ‘the world around usplays but a minor role in determining the quality of our life? What if nearly everything we truly desire is determined not by the world we see, but by how we see the world... the ‘world within us’?

Fortunately, ‘how we see the world(our subjective reality) is the one thing we can control and even master! And this is the primary purpose of The EMPOWERTHON and Life Mastery, to offer you far greater control over that which matters most when it comes to living the life of your dreams... the perceptions, programs, conditioning, beliefs, and mindsets that determine your ‘reality’ which in turn drives virtually every single thing you think, feel, and do!

Just imagine being able to create greater happiness, peace, fulfillment, and success in every area of your life and career, understanding and leading others far more powerfully than ever before, being able to create, from thin air, nearly any relationship, life, or future you desire by simply following a proven formula, just as you can create any meal you like by ‘following a recipe’. And NOW, you truly can!

Experience far greater power, joy, and fulfillment in every area of your life!

The Details

  • The EMPOWERTHON is a live, highly interactive, two-day version of the ‘Life Mastery’ course. It is taught in-person, by the course creator Mark Fournier, the world renown author, speaker, peak- performance & life-balance coach, psychotherapist, and EMMY award-winning filmmaker.

  • Each day begins at 7:30 am. At this time, you will sign in, find your seat, and get settled in.

  • The event ends each day at 6:00 pm and includes hourly breaks and lunch breaks.

  • This lively EMPOWERTHON includes lots of fun activities, breakout sessions, interaction, and games... including an exciting contest at the end of each day where the winning team receives a free, open forum coaching session with the course creator Coach Mark Fournier, and the winning individual receives a free one-on-one session with Coach Mark.

  • The Life Mastery course begins immediately after The EMPOWERTHON and lasts for 12-weeks. It’s purpose is to help you ‘master’ the insights you gain during The EMPOWERTHON so you can effortlessly apply them consistently and continuously throughout the remainder of your life.

  • Life Mastery participants will apply a set of powerful insights, exercises, and assignments each week to their personal lives and careers. Doing so will help them better understand as well as master the insights. It will also immediately improve their lives by applying these insights.

  • Participants will also meet with their teams of between 6 and 8 members (via telephone or in person) for 1 hour per week, to discuss what they’ve experienced and learned that week, and to support one another. A Team Leader will facilitate each session.

  1. About ‘Coach Mark’ Fournier

Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Peak-Performance & Life-Mastery Coach; Curriculum Developer & Trainer; 3-time EMMY Award-Winning Filmmaker; Author; Keynote Speaker; and Founder of Coach TV; 45-year veteran, Mark Fournier is also the founder of 'DO GOOD Enterprises', a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise,

dedicated to creating a better world’ by teaching ‘unconditional love and compassion’ on a global scale.

Mark helps his clients THRIVE in every area of their life & career through his various programs and courses, which are aimed at the individual needs of his clients, who range from C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, super- achievers, athletes, and corporate work forces, to prison inmates, and other marginalized members of society.

Mark is also the founder/provost of the 'Center for Empowerment', a personal & career development

organization that provides curriculum and training for individuals and organizations.

"Mark is a GAME-CHANGING VISIONARY and Master Coach in Human Empowerment & Performance."
Rita Davenport, NSA Speaker-of-the-year, Best-Selling Author, TV Host, 25-year President Arbonne International

"A bonafide polymath, Mark is the best coach and trainer in the industry!"
~DeeAnn Lensen, Winner, 'Educator of the Year, Leading Spas of Canada/Spa Inc. Magazine