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Sought after for his books, courses, seminars, and events, Mark Fournier is in greatest demand as a One-on-One Coach. Those who have coaching with him eagerly profess their deep appreciation for the transformation they have experienced, frequently  using the term 'priceless' and superlative phrases such as 'The single best thing I've ever done.'. 
Mark's coaching slots are limited, as he accepts no more than 10 One-on-One clients at any given time in order to provide them with maximum support, and, so he can continue contributing to those who cannot afford One-on-One coaching with him. 
Coach Mark interviews each prospective client to ensure an ideal fit. If a fit is established, he places them on a waiting list until a coaching slot opens up. Once coaching begins, he spends 75 minutes per conference call, meeting weekly, for one year.
"YOU are the greatest investment you will ever make!"
~Mark Fournier

Private and Group Coaching
Private Coaching
Living without Limits
My One-on-One private coaching is conveniently conducted over the telephone… saving you valuable time and effort. 

We speak once per week for 75 minutes. During that time, we discuss your issues, goals and challenges (in each area of your life & career). 

We then set new goals for the coming week that powerfully address each of your 'issues, goals, and challenges'. 

During this process, we identify the 'Negative Conditioning' that limits you or causes suffering, and we permanently replace it with the 'Positive Conditioning' required for taking positive control of your life. 

I use 'gentle accountability' techniques to keep you on task and on target. For those who have difficulty sustaining their actions and commitments long enough to get results or create new habits, this 'accountability support' can be invaluable. 

We also spend time 'managing your state of mind' each week, and developing ways to achieve this on your own. You learn that when it comes to quality of life, fulfillment, well-being and effectiveness, your 'state of mind' is EVERYTHING, and 'mastering' it, is one of most powerful and important things you will ever do.

Ultimately, we move on to a higher level of enlightenment, where you learn to break free of the power your ego has over you. 

Once you learn to 'release your ego', you have nothing left to lose or prove, which creates unlimited possibilities, as from that point on, all the rules change… your motivation changes, your fear dissipates, your ability to live mindfully grows exponentially… as does your ability to live in peace, joy, love and gratitude. Without the ego y
ou begin to live in the moment, where 'process' eclipses 'outcome', and yet outcomes are generally greater and more rewarding as well.

​This enlightened state is the ultimate outcome of my coaching, though virtually impossible to achieve on one's own. Fortunately however, between now and the intended outcome, life can be amazing and wonderful, all along the way... it is afterall, a 'journey'. 

In addition to our coaching, I also go to work supporting you. My support can come in many forms depending upon your individual needs, goals, and challenges. 
Group Coaching
​Life Mastery 1-4
Group coaching takes advantage of empowering curriculum that I have continuously developed, taught, and refined during the past 45 years. 

Group coaching is an optional service for my Private Coaching clients. It allows them to share with others in their life and organization many of the insights and benefits they themselves are receiving, but at a fraction of the cost per person.

Group coaching provides benefits that can't be realized in Private coaching, such as the added power of sharing your commitments and intentions with others, and the social accountability involved in doing so.

This *process also helps YOU better master the insights and conditioning you are learning through your Private coaching, as you will participate in leading a Group coaching team.

*Studies have confirmed that one of the most powerful means of mastering new information and behavior is by 'teaching' it to others. 

The Group coaching program involves a weekly 1-hour teleconference call (this can be done 'in person' if desired). During this time, a team of 6 Group coaching participants discuss their weekly lessons, goals, and insights. They are supervised by a 'Team Leader' and 'Co-Leader'. I myself begin as the Team Leader, you as the Co-Leader. 

This leadership process allows the program to be expanded indefinitely to any size group of individual, such as an entire workforce, as every 3 months, a new wave of participants is started whereupon the Co-Leader becomes the Team Leader, and the previous Participants become Co-Leaders, and so on, until the entire organization is involved in the training. 

The Participants begin immediately applying the lessons and insights to their personal life and career, and as such, immediate benefits are realized both to them, and your organization

The curriculum is available via the internet, making it easy to access and easy to use. It also includes a vast array of applications and devices designed to create immediate results and permanent transformation.

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