'LIMITLESS' isn't just a word to me, it's who and what you ARE!
And I will prove it to you! 
By the end of our time together, you will have created an extraordinary life you never imagined possible... a life you truly LOVE!" 
~Mark Fournier
'Coach Mark' Fournier is a LIFE-Mastery and Peak-Performance Coach, as well as a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and  Mediator (Northwestern University). Mark has coached achievers and business leaders for 45 Years.​ 
He is a 3-Time, EMMY Award-Winning Filmmaker, Keynote Speaker, Master Trainer & Curriculum Developer, A Patented Inventor, and author of 10 books including Self-HELP Me! Change your Habits; Change your Life, The Giving Game, Rain, and Fish Tales.

"YOU are the greatest investment you will ever make!"
~Coach Mark

Regardless of your specific goals, Mark will serve as both a catalyst (to get you moving in the right direction), and a guide (to KEEP you moving in the right direction), until doing so becomes a part of your automatic, conditioned behavior.


“There's no such thing as a 'self-made' man; you'll reach your goals only with the help of others.”
~George Shinn

"What I find most inspiring, is not in who you are, but in who you are... BECOMING!"
~Mark Fournier
"Achieving the Impossible is the most exciting game of all!" 
~Mark Fournier

"Mark is a GAME-CHANGING VISIONARY; his insights go beyond anything I’ve ever seen."
Rita Davenport, NSA Speaker-of-the-year, Best-Selling Author, TV Host, 25-year President Arbonne International

"A bonafide genius and polymath, Mark is the best coach and trainer in the industry!"
~DeeAnn Lensen, 9-time Best-Selling Author, Winner, 'Educator of the Year, Leading Spas of Canada/Spa Inc. Magazine

“Mark is the quintessential peak-performance and life-balance coach for ANY age!"
Between his knowledge of the human psyche, and his insights into maximizing potential & performance, he is a priceless resource for anyone who wants to take their life or career to the next level (physically and mentally) regardless of their age.”  
Dr. Mark Rosenbloom MBA MD / Founder & Chief Medical Officer LIFEFORCE Medical Institute

"I strongly recommend Coach Mark (and his amazing programs)!"
... to ANY individual, or organization, on any level!
~Joseph Tidwell, Education Director, BOEING

"Coaching with Mark is 'literally' and unforgettable experience!"
Mark is a uniquely gifted coach. Nothing has more greatly impacted my life, performance, or business teams!"
~Mike Lamonica, Director of Communications, MOTOROLA

"Mark Fournier's insights and coaching are brilliant!"
...he has the most all-encompassing, economical programs I've ever used at IBM, or, even seen!
~Joan Dennis, Employee Development Director IBM, Certified Coach


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