The LIMITLESS Coach was created by Life-Mastery & Peak-Performance Oracle Mark Fournier, as a vehicle for dramatically improving lives through highly effective, proven, programs and insights that help others reach unprecedented levels of effectiveness, life-balance, self-actualization, and enlightenment, through which they are able to create virtually any 'mindset', or life they choose. "Nothing of this world is more powerful than an enlightened human being."  ~Mark Fournier


The LIMITLESS Coach offers Seminars, Workshops, (and other Live and Online Events), as well as Online Courses, One-on-One Coaching, Books, Audio Programs, and other highly effective Tools. 

The LIMITLESS Coach is affiliated with the DO GOOD Hero Support Center, a 501(c)3 public charity, through which we provide support to those who wish to 'create a better world' by donating 100% of our programming for FREE to qualifying nonprofits and their clients, and to other 'worthy causes'. 

Our Mission
"Raising our level of consciousness not only helps us flourish, it is also how we will end the atrocities of our world, for 'enlightened beings' become 'heroes' by nature. As such, this is our passion, and our purpose.”

~Mark Fournier
Founder: The LIMITLESS Coach, and the DO GOOD Hero Support Center

Founded in 1977 under the original name of the Center for Empowerment, The LIMITLESS Coach has trained high achievers and business leaders for 45 Years, as well as individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, municipalities, NGOs, schools, and marginalized communities (such as prison inmates, the mentally ill, and minorities). And as creator of an extensive library of courses and seminars on career and life mastery, LIMITLESS is able to meet the needs of individuals and organizations on a multitude of topics with highly effective, proven training programs and coaching solutions.
LIMITLESS incorporates its proprietary PermaLearn Mastery System in all of its programs. PermaLearn is a game-changing process that creates profound and permanent transformation in the lives of clients and program participants, permanently altering their lives on many levels, by helping them fully integrate, and master, the insights we share (rather than offering the ‘temporary high’ frequently associated with seminars, books, media, and other information-delivery platforms). 
"OUR Programs are Habit-Forming!" 

~Mark Fournier

"I strongly recommend Coach Mark (and his amazing programs)!"

... to ANY individual, or organization, on any level!
~Joseph Tidwell, Education Director, BOEING

"Coaching with Mark is 'literally' and unforgettable experience!"

Mark is a uniquely gifted coach. Nothing has more greatly impacted my life, performance, or business teams!"
~Mike Lamonica, Director of Communications, MOTOROLA

"Mark Fournier's insights and coaching are brilliant!"

...he has the most all-encompassing, economical programs I've ever used at IBM, or, even seen!
~Joan Dennis, Employee Development Director IBM, Certified Coach

"Mark is a GAME-CHANGING VISIONARY; his insights go beyond anything I’ve ever seen."
Rita Davenport, NSA Speaker-of-the-year, Best-Selling Author, TV Host, 25-year President Arbonne International

"A bonafide genius and polymath, Mark is the best coach and trainer in the industry!"
~DeeAnn Lensen, 9-time Best-Selling Author, Winner, 'Educator of the Year, Leading Spas of Canada/Spa Inc. Magazine

“Mark is the quintessential peak-performance and life-balance coach for ANY age!"
Between his knowledge of the human psyche, and his insights into maximizing potential & performance, he is a priceless resource for anyone who wants to take their life or career to the next level (physically and mentally) regardless of their age.”  
Dr. Mark Rosenbloom MBA MD / Founder & Chief Medical Officer LIFEFORCE Medical Institute

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